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    The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) Signs an Agreement with the Bank Al Mouamalat As-Sahiha (BMS) for more than SAR (11) Million

    (SFD) signed an agreement with Bank Al-Mouamalat As-Sahiha (BMS) in Mauritanian, through the Saudi Exports Program (SEP), on

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    SFD Signs a Line of Financing Agreement with (Al-Wafa) Mauritanian Islamic Bank with a Total Amount of SAR (15) Million

    The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), signed a line of financing agreement with the Mauritanian Islamic Bank, (Al-Wafa), through its

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    (SFD) signs a financing line agreement to export National products to the Kingdom of Jordan

    The Saudi Fund for Development, through its Saudi Exports Program, signed a financing line agreement with the Jordan Commercial Bank with

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