The GM word of Saudi Export Program

As is well known, that the volume of total exports of any country has a significant influence on the economic growth rates and all the associated matters of that growth. Thus, exports are the primary element of economic and civil progress. Therefore, the government of Saudi Arabia strivingly works on diversifying its sources of national income through the trade and economic agreements that have been signed with a numerous of neighborly and friendly countries along with the government's efforts and contributions of booting the mutual trade programs between K.S.A and other countries in the world, as well as supporting all the Saudi authorities and entities who aim to encourage and increase the Saudi non-oil national exports, such as the Saudi Export Program (SEP) that instituted its functions upon a Royal Decree in 1999 to be a part of the Saudi Fund for Development activities, to play a significant role on the diversity constellation of the K.S.A's income souses to motivate the Saudi exporters to expand and discover their existed and new businesses widely. (SEP) also contributes on adding competitive advantages to the national products that aimed to be exported via providing its services of financing facilities and insurance credits facilities as well on the purpose of raising the global demand of the Saudi products as well as facilitate its flows into new markets, which consequently is going to lead this to prosper the Saudi non-oil national exports in general. Furthermore, SEP provides its services on higher-trade bases and standards that convoys the international appropriate credit and financing analysis to who benefited from its services. Nevertheless, (SEP) provides its services with lower and competitive interest rates to assist the Saudi exporters and the importers of the Saudi national well-quality goods and services to reach their needs from the Saudi markets as well as achieve and convoy the tendencies of the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to raise the level the non-oil exports of the Kingdom to be not depending furtherly on just a few income sources.


Director General Manager of Saudi Export Program
Abdulmohsen bin Abdulrahman Al-kahial