SFD Cumulative Contributions

The Fund had, since its inception in 1975 and up to the end of 2017, financed 665 development loans with a total amount of SR. 55.047.94 million; the amount was allocated to finance 635 development projects and programs for the benefit of 83 developing countries worldwide. The projects and programs are illustrated in the following graph:

Geographical Distribution of SFD Projects

The Fund’s development policy focuses on geographically distribution of its loans to support the poorest and least developed countries. Based on this principle, the Fund directed its developmental activity to Africa and Asia, due to the low economic and developmental level, in addition to the increasing rates of population growth, unemployment and the reduced rates of income. Accordingly, the Fund contributed to the financing of 373 development projects and programs in 46 African countries with a total amount of SR. 28849.46 million. In addition, the Fund contributed to the financing of 242 development projects and programs in 29 Asian countries with a total amount of SR. 24641.67 million. When it comes to Other Regions, the Fund contributed to the financing of 20 development projects and programs totaling SR. 1556.81 million, from which 8 countries around the world benefited, as illustrated in the following graph:



Cumulative Co-financing

The significance of co-financing - which literally means that the Fund participates with more than one financing body in the financing of a particular project - lies in its ability to provide the financing necessary for the achievement of mega-projects which most probably cannot be executed by the exclusive efforts of only one financing body or a beneficiary country. Currently, project co-financing helps to execute the various projects within the expected timeline. Since the beginning of its activities, the Fund concentrated on such projects - particularly mega-projects in which all relevant parties had an interest - in cooperation with other national, regional and international financing institutions. Until the end of 2017, the total number of loans agreements accomplished within the framework of co-financing projects with other development institutions were 400 loans agreements - from the total signed loans agreements - which totaled SR. 32952.65 million, representing 59.86% of the total amounts of the signed loans agreements, as illustrated in the following table:


Region Signed Loans Co-Financed Loans Percentage of Co-Financed Loans Amount of the Total Signed Loans for Each Region
No. Amount No. Amount
Africa 392 28849.45 267 18607.73 64.5
Asia 253 24641.68 124 13706.07 55.62
Other Regions 20 1556.81 9 638.85 41.03
Total 665 55047.94 400 32952.65 59.86