SEP provides export financing facilities reach up to 100% of the total transitions in competitive terms and concessional procedures to the qualified Saudi exporters and importers of the non-oil national products.


Basic Requirements to obtain Financing Facilities

  • Exports shall be of Saudi origin.
  • SEP Finances export of good services which are not prohibited or limited for exportation.
  • The minimum value of transaction for financing by SEP is 100 thousand Saudi riyal equivalent to 27  thousand dollars.

Features of Funding

  • competitive pricing.
  • convenient repayments period.
  • financing amount reach up to 100% of  the transaction value


Direct Financing

Direct financing is to provide credit facilities to the beneficiary directly from the program, so that the financing agreement is concluded between the program and the beneficiary (the Saudi source or the local buyer for the purpose of export or import)


Indirect Financing

Indirect financing is to open financing lines in favor of foreign banks and external financial institutions that are national agencies for the program in the importer's country, as these agencies enter into financing arrangements with the Saudi Export Program and provide financing to importers on competitive credit terms, and through these lines of financing, importers can obtain financing to purchase Saudi exports.
 This service aims to help Saudi exporters, especially small and medium-sized national companies, to market their products in foreign markets and provide opportunities for their clients importing from Saudi markets.

Parties eligible to benefit from SEP

  • Saudi exporters (Saudi companies & establishments.)
  • Local buyers (Saudi companies & establishments) that wish to buy Saudi goods or services and export them outside the KSA.
  • Foreign buyers (from both private and public sectors) who are interested to import Saudi goods & service
  • Local & international banks and financial institutions services
Short Term
Not exceeding (2) years 
including a grace
period of 6-12 months
f.i consumable goods
Medium Term
Not exceeding (7) years 
including a grace
period of 12-24 months
f.i semi-capital goods
Long Term
Not exceeding (15) years 
including a grace
period of 12-36 months
f.i capital goods


Basic Requirements to obtain our Financing Facilities

  1. Registration for SEP
  2. Apply for funding.
  3. Submitting the audited financial statements to the beneficiary and the guarantor for the last 3 years.
  4. Provide any information or data requested by SEP.
  5. Studying the application and providing the beneficiary with an initial offer of financing conditions.
  6. Pass the case to the Credit Committee and the Fund's Authority.
  7. Provide the beneficiary with a draft financing agreement for review in preparation for signing between (SEP) and the beneficiary