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  • Construction of new buildings at the Mnazi Mmoja main campus:
  • Hospital reception, Outpatient consultations, Day Hospital, Emergency, Radiology, Operating rooms (14), CSSD, ICU, Hospitalisation wards, etc. 
  • Administration bloc as separate 3 floor building
  • VIP ward as separate 4 floor building
  • Technical unit including workshop. 
  • Kitchen, Laundry, Pharmacy and Morgue
  • Rehabilitation of the existing buildings at the MMH main campus.
  • Demolition and construction of a new maternity hospital (5 floors) at the same location of Mwembeladu hospital. Works include the construction of :
  • Ground floor: Hospital reception, Maternity emergency, Radiology unit, administrative department.
  • First Floor: Outpatient Department, two operating theatres, sterilization SSD
  • Second and Third Floor: Wards
  • Fourth Floor: Kitchen, Laundry, Pharmacy, Archive, Offices, Laboratory.
  • Construction of new OPD at the Kidongo Chekundu mental hospital including Hospital Reception, Emergency, Radiology, Four Outpatient Clinics, Administration Department, Archive.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing wards at Kidongo Chekundu mental hospital.
  • Supply of electrical and mechanical installations.