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Assising Developing Countries that are unable to Achieve Global Development Goals. Less Developed.Heavily Poor.In Need of Fundamental Developmental Assisance.Landlocked and Non-Coasal.Facing Economic and social Challenges, such as Lack of Natural Resources and high population growth rates.Mos of SFD’s Activities in Africa and AsiaFocusing on Economic and Social Sectors of priority for Developing CountriesGeographical SectoralSupporting Developing Countries with Limited Economic andFinancial Resources, which are:The SFD's Loans are Directed Toward:Developing basic Infrasructure by Expanding Transport and Communication Networks.Strengthening Protection Agains Diseases and Epidemics by Supporting the Health Sector.Developing Human Resource.Providing Energy for All.Ensuring Food and Water Security.Preserving the Environment and Public Health.Providing Adequate housing for Low-income Groups.Developing Indusry and Mining.