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Now, we can eat ice cream; life became different and better.
Mona’s eyes, a Syrian refugee in the Azraq Camp, light up as she talks about the changes in the camp’s conditions after SFD launched a project to develop a renewable energy electricity grid in the Azraq Camp.
"It was hot, and we could not get refrigerators or air conditioners. Now, we can study and enjoy our life easier through the mobile devices and modern technologies that we received,” Mona states. She adds, “Now, we can eat ice cream; life became different and better!"
The electricity grid project in Jordan’s Azraq Camp for Syrian refugees was implemented with a $9.2 million grant provided by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in cooperation and coordination with UNHCR in Jordan. The camp serves 54,000 Syrian refugees and now has round-the-clock access to electricity, improving the camp’s social and health conditions and enhancing the refugees’ livelihoods.